A ladder from repurposed wood

Building a Quick Ladder

adding height to any décor.
While there are multiple ways to add height to any display today I want to quickly cover two of them.
First in the right hand corner you will notice the vintage jar that has a flameless candle in it. This is an example of a very simple way to add height.
I wanted this wonderful piece to be seen, so underneath the 'blanket of snow' I added a small cardboard box covered it with the snow and now you have a little height.
Adding height gives opportunity to putting smaller pieces in the back without losing them.
 Sometimes you need to custom build your height. Ladders are a very simple way to do that. So todays Tweak is just that... 

Ladder built from repurposed fence board and wooden dowel.
Materials needed for this Tweak:
1 piece of wood cut to desired height
1 wooden dowel (typically they come in approx. 3ft sizes)
Black paint
6 screws
A small drill is helpful, not completely necessary
A saw to cut your wood
Lets Do It!
I determined the size of my ladder by measuring how tall the distance was that I wanted to fill. There is a very detailed math procedure that will help you discover when you add an angle to something how much more footage to add. I simply placed my wood against the wall leaned it out a little measured it top to bottom... do what you have the skills to do :)
Now with board cut to height measure it to center and draw a line from top to bottom. We used a skill saw for this step, just cut down the center.
Now we have 2 boards.
Cut your wooden dowel to size. I must be honest on this one I determined my width by a leftover piece of dowel and I simply cut it into thirds. Paint black. Let dry.
Measure and mark your outside pieces even distances in the center of the board to prepare to add your ladder steps. I added three steps so I took the overall length divided it by 4 equal spaces. (example if your ladder is 18 inches tall divided by 4 your dowels will be placed every 4.5 inches)
Sorry there's so much background clutter in these pictures I was multi-projecting...
Pre-drilling will help the wood not to split, and make it easier to assemble if you don't have a drill accessible using a smaller screw first and then a larger could also help.

small DIY ladder

That's it two ways to add height to your personal display. Remember this was week 2 of 4 Christmas Tweaks! See you next week, until then keep Tweaking...

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