Monday, August 25, 2014

Wedding Tweaking

Repurposed to make Wedding D├ęcor

Well, for those who know me this post needs a story. I am a Tweaker, I Tweak things. I look at things, I see the vision of something different. My forte is not, perfect colors, well thought out visions. When I am working with something I need the freedom and grace to Tweak it as the project dictates.
I DON'T DO WEDDINGS! If you spend any time with me, you've heard me say it.
It's a personal choice, nothing against my friends, and family, or your loved ones.
Why you ask? Weddings are a persons vision, often something a woman has dreamed about for a long time. I most likely am limited and cannot match your colors, your font may not work for the avenue which you are trying to use it, and lastly I do not work well with short deadlines.
What I do is an art; my art may not be your vision.
So having said all that, when I reacquainted with an old friend with a referral from a long time friend. I found myself in a challenge I couldn't resist. Recycled products 14 pieces total, wood pallets, and old 'House for sale sign', vintage window, old recovered boards, even an old cupboard door.

Before pieces

Click here to go to complete album and a few DIY tips.