Easy Gift Wrap

Soap To Go



2 small plastic beverage cups (make sure they stack nicely on top of each other)
cupcake paper
1 shower sponge
scotch tape
bar soap or small bottle bath gel
hot glue gun
I purchased the first four of these supplies at the dollar tree.
Now for the fun...
  •  Place a wrapper in the bottom of one cup.
  • Add soap
  • Sprinkle with crinkle paper, or paper shreds.
  • Push shower sponge into bottom of 2nd cup.
  • Place 2nd cup on top of 1st.
  • Tape in three places to hold together.
  • Add embellishments to the top with hot glue.
This Easy Wrap could also be used to nestle a single cupcake to send home with guests, or other small gifts. Happy Tweaking.

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