Bow Christmas Tree Ornaments

Bow Christmas Tree Ornaments
1- wide craft stick (dollar tree)
10 inches ribbon/string for hanging (dollar tree)
3 varying sized bows - ( free three piece download)
random embellishments
we used glue dots and quick dry craft glue

First you need three bows

Option 1)  Download printable bow template (for some reason, you must download and then print, does not want to print directly from viewer) on an 8.5X11 paper. I like to print on the back side of a patterned piece of paper. That way the lines don't show on the front of your project. Cut them out on the solid lines, assemble. The dotted lines are fold lines. Each bow has a base a middle bow and a center.
 Set your base aside. Add glue to the center of your middle bow (white and yellow dot), then gently fold in the edges (the yellow dots) press to glue. Hold until set. Then in that same center spot of your middle bow that both pieces folded into add a drop of glue and place centered on your base. Then wrap your center piece around and glue in the back. Complete all three.
Option 2) Download your free 3D bow from 
Use your craft software and/or cutter to produce.
Option 3) Tie three varying sized bows from ribbon.

Glue your completed bows to wide craft stick.

Remember to leave a little space at the top and bottom as well as space between them to add embellishments.

Add your ribbon to the back to hang it up.

Add embellishments, as many or as few as you like! 

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