Personalized Center Piece under $10.00

Dollar Tree Tweak!

Foam Board 1.00
Craft Tape 1.00
Base 1.00
Group of flowers 1.00
2 Balloon weights 2.00
Craft/Flower foam 1.00
Box & Bag Shred 1.00
Stickers of choice
Other supplies needed:
Copies of old photos
Hot Glue Gun
Photo safe glue
Sharp craft or kitchen knife
Skewer sticks
Where to begin: Making Numbers
  1. You need an outline of your numbers or letters. See following ways to get ideas to obtain them.
      1. Google search "coloring book six" (insert your own number)
      2. Grab a number coloring book at dollar tree and enlarge on photo copy machine if necessary.
      3. Free hand.
  2. Once you have your numbers, you will need to trace your numbers onto your foam board. We cut our numbers out then traced them. Foam board is good about taking impressions you could also lay your number down and trace the line with ball point pen and it makes an indention in the foam board.
  3. Then cut with sharp craft knife, or kitchen knife if your in a pinch. Try to cut smooth, but don't worry too much about it because your craft tape covers it.
  4. Then use your craft tape to wrap edges. Use solid piece strips from corner to corner. Press tight against edge of foam board, then with scissors cut slits every 1/4 of an inch fold down.
  5. Repeat on other side.
  6. Cut your photos to fit, glue with photo safe glue.
  7. Hot glue skewer sticks to back of numbers to mount in foam later.
  1. Insert craft or flower foam or Styrofoam in bottom of container stuff papers around to secure.
  2. Stick skewers affixed to numbers in foam.
  3. Cut flower group apart and insert separately. Reserve two for the balloon weights.
  4. If you want to make a few other little signs, cupcake picks, or add suckers, or other additional fun color.
  5. When it's arranged as you like cover with box and bag shreds.
  6. Decorate container if you like. We used assorted vinyl "60" stickers. 
  7. Trim remaining stems short and glue to balloon weights.
  8. Add shapes to upper strands of balloon weights.
4. Use solid piece strips from corner to corner.

Wrap edges with craft, washi,  or duck tape.

6. Crop and affix photos.

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