Planning your Annual Tweaked Planner

Beginning near the beginning 2016

Personal Planner and Calendar
First and foremost I have to give credit and inspiration to IC for this.
She inspired, stirred me and best of all I printed the blank pages right off her blog, in the color of my choice, now how easy is that.
So through the years I've had many calendars. When I homeschooled our son I had planners, monthly, weekly, daily. I've had digital, I've had fat notebooks that I've written my own on. Today I love my digital standard calendar on my smart phone. It works for events, appointments, birthdays. But my tweaking life needs more direction. (I know the irony a tweaker with purpose).

This blank from IC intrigued me, specifically designed for bloggers. Here's the deal with calendars, planners, and organizers you can have the best most expensive, but if it doesn't work like you or organize what you need to organize it's a waste.
So when your looking, weather building your own or purchasing one you have to nail down
  1. What am I doing with this?
  2. When will I use it?
  3. Where will I use it?
  4. Why do I need it?
  5. How will it help?
The basics right? Quick example when I was homeschooling I needed a calendar to plan outside activities when we were not in school. Because my weekly planner with daily activities was for school. It also helped me record some of the needed school records and notes of failed plans. This was a record I needed to save. My calendar needed to be portable in my purse, in contrast my planner never left home.
See how this works? I hear it all the time, "I tried that once, wasn't for me."
As I said I currently LOVE my digital calendar, however I've downloaded multiple task applications, to do lists, planners, none of them seem to really help the tweaking creative side. Too rigid, to cumbersome, no place for ideas or planning - shouldn't a planner help you plan?

So when I seen these simple pages from IC I realized what it was that I couldn't find in others, flexibility, planning, the creative process.

Just for fun let's go through the five questions:

  1. What am I doing with this? Creating an overview of blogging and direction for tweaking to inspire others and sell seasonal pieces at our local Boutique. Also balance time of special orders with seasonal changes in the Boutique.
  2. When will I use it? Several days a week.
  3. Where will I use it? Mostly in my Tweak room, sometimes at vendor meetings.
  4. Why do I need it? To look ahead and see time frames. Create inspiration to build on. Keep me focused when life is busy and it's hard to focus.
  5. How will it help? Ideas will be in one location. Time frames will be recorded. By blocking my time I can see where conflicts may arise between special order or local events. When something goes awry it will be a check and balance to refocus with a back-up plan.
I have created a spiral bound 12 month calendar to the right. With weekly loose-leaf ideas/projects to the left including a To Do list.  
I chose loose-leaf because I wanted to have an idea, jot it down. Then the planning of the project 'tweak'.  A to do list incase I need to buy anything or pre-prep in some way. Then I can decide where that fits in monthly write the week on the top and file it accordingly. Flexibility.
Mostly I will run weekly by the weekly sheet, however I need quick reference to see the overall annual piece. I can hang this inside my cabinet with just weekly showing. However I can easily fold it open and see the full month or flip back to any upcoming month. I can also close it all up and take it to a planning meeting with me.
And guess what if I start a project that just is not going to work during the time frame I have available that week I can easily shuffle project sheets and redirect.

That's it planning your annual planner.

If a blogger planner doesn't seem to fit your needs I highly suggest a quick google search for your personal interests. Homeshooling, menu planning, shuffling multiple kiddos, search it more than likely someone has thought about it. Then the key is to tweak it just for you. Happy Planning your Tweaked Planner!

And most of all since I created it myself I just love to see it.

As we head into 2016, I hope you will find/create a planner that will work just right for you.
Again IC is the place to get your info for this blogger type of planner just download and print.

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