Saturday, November 8, 2014

Repurpose everyday boxes into Gift Boxes

I love to tweak boxes. So any time I see a quality box I stash it away and wait for the perfect opportunity to reinvent it. A quality box must meet at least one of a few criteria.
  • A lid and a bottom (separate, easier to tweak)
  • Quality construction
  • Unusual size or shape
Do you recognize this box? This was an easy cheesy redo, but came out beautiful.
1 Whitman's Sampler Box
2 Sheets 12X12 scrapbooking paper
1 poinsettia flower grouping
hot glue gun
favorite scrapbooking glue (I use an ATG gun, and Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
I purposefully left the bottom of the box sides with the Whitman's logo etc. When I repurpose I frequently leave one section original, also covering this are may effect the functionality of the box. If you wanted to cover it I would recommend paint in this area.
From first sheet of paper I cut:
2 - 8.75X5.5 pieces this covers the top and bottom of the box
From the second sheet of paper I cut:
2 - 2.25X8.45 for the sides
2 - 2.25X5.2 for the narrower sides
1 - 8.25X5.25 for the lid liner on the inside
I cut just the flowers from the stems.
Glue embellishment pieces in place with hot glue gun.
Happy Tweaking, keep your eyes open for boxes you can tweak.

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