Friday, January 6, 2017

Getting Organized 2017

Game Closet or Cupboard Organization

Super Simple Tweak. The New Year, cold icy weather, and some small home makeovers create the perfect environment for more organization. 

During Christmas I played games with the grandchildren and  realized more than my typical OCDish tendencies I was frustrated with this game cupboard issue. Games we wanted to play were hard to reach because they were all piled on top of each other. As well, when we dug out a game half the pieces were at the bottom of the cupboard  because twisting the box this way and that caused the pieces to fall out.

I wish I could take full credit for this tweak, but the reality is just a quick Pinterest search revealed the ahhh haaa moment. 

First I rounded up all the little pieces that keep falling out of the boxes and I contained them with whatever I could find, small bottles, old jewelry boxes, etc. I rubber banded all the cards together and then...

I rubber banded the outside of the boxes! Aaaah Haaaa! Wrap rubber bands around games and place them on their sides. I sorted all the mid-sized games and small puzzles this way. My cupboard size depicted not placing the larger board games on their sides. Even so this increased space allowing me to add four more games to the cabinet thus freeing another adjoining space. 

I'm hoping to do a little more tweaking in the future on the adjoining cabinet which is home to our card games, marbles, chess, checkers, and other assorted non-symmetrical games. Looking forward to adding the redo. Until then Happy Tweaking. 

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