Christmas Cone Trees

Personalized Cone Trees
Materials needed for this Tweak:
Styrofoam cone
3-4 pages of vintage music or other favorite paper
Hot glue gun
Spray paint
Something for your top: maybe button, bead, etc...
Lets Do It!
Let's start with your paper. You will need approximately 48 circles to fill a small cone from the dollar tree. If you don't have punches or die cut machine let's learn a little trick that makes cutting these easier.
Load your chosen paper upside down in your printer. Each printer is a little different so if you typically load yours face down to print on  the top you'll want to load it face up so it will print on the back of your paper.
Clicking on the above picture should open in a new window and allow you to print picture.

Now all you have to do is cut on the lines. Saves tracing, etc.
With all your circles cut you will want to glue your cone to your candlestick. I painted my candlestick flat black with spray paint first. I apologize I thought I had taken pictures, but cannot locate them. They are glass candlesticks you can get them from the Dollar Tree and I painted them with an inexpensive spray paint suitable for glass.
Add a fair amount of hot glue to the candlestick edge where the cone will meet. By placing the hot glue on the candlestick it gives the glue a few seconds to cool before the Styrofoam cone is place on the glue reducing the likely hood of melted Styrofoam.
With candlestick and cone now married you can begin placing your circles. Start at the bottom and move towards the top. Make your first row hang approximately half off the cone. Place glue on the top half of the circle and place around edge. Remember you don't want to risk melting that cone so always place hot glue on the circle then place on cone.
Continue overlapping until the entire tree is filled. I chose to cut my circles off at the top of the tree so it would fit smoothly. See picture at top of page.
I completed mine with a washer, which I painted matching flat black, and a top wooden decorative piece I found at Walmart in the wood craft section. I would have used a large wooden bead had I not discovered the little wooden pieces.
That's it perfect one of a kind personalized cone  Music Christmas Trees. 
Remember this was week 1 of 4 Christmas Tweaks! See you next week, until then keep Tweaking...



  1. This is a fun and easy looking project that even the kids could help with! Cash can totally practice cutting circles like this. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Your very welcome Kandice would love to see pics when you're done. :)