Make it a Basket

Do Small Things with Great Love

Choose a theme and/or colors.
Choose items. Try to find a variety of sizes. It's nice to have tall items to the back or center then place smaller items towards the front or edges. (set or know your budget)
Filler could be coordinating or contrasting.
A basket big enough to group collective items.
Embellishments, such as stickers, letters, etc.
Clear shrink wrap, scotch tape, and ribbon.

I'll walk you through these six easy steps, with a little practice you'll be making everything into a basket.

This example our theme is Trolls, focusing heavily on Princess Poppy. Trolls are all about rainbow backdrops and bright colors. The Princess has that fabulous dark pink hair. So our options are pretty wide open you can see. To narrow it. I decided on the sticker which was actually part of a cupcake topper. Decided to select colors within it.

Create a coloring book
I purchased colored pencils, who doesn't love little pencils? Something I love to do which takes a little time, but has great impact is to create little coloring and/or activity books. You can do this with any regular desktop printing program. You do a 'Google' search on your theme and add coloring pages behind it. For this in the google search bar I typed, "Princess Poppy coloring pages". Then you right click with your mouse on the picture you like and 'copy' then 'paste' into your favorite desktop printing application.  (Create your own coloring or activity book here.)

Anyway, with my miniature coloring book created. I tried to put it inside my basket, (by the way, got on a Valentine's Day Clearance 2 for $1.00) it did not fit...
It needed to some how stand on top of the basket.
A piece of black cardboard did the trick  nicely.

I added assorted shreds, again choosing colors from the sticker, purple, yellow and green. Placed the coloring book over the cardboard and tied a bow on it to hold it in place.

Basket looked a little empty so I grabbed a single little pad of sticky notes, fluffed the shreds around the items.

I use Dollar Tree shrink wrap, included in the bag is a large bow. The package will explain shrinking method. Here's mine...
Scotch tape the bag together at the top. Always heat around the brim of your basket first to secure, then slowly heat base of basket, then go from brim towards top. These simple steps will give your item that professional look.
When I first started I used my hairdryer. Now I have a crafting heat gun and prefer it, but you have to move MUCH faster, lol.

Embellish/Tweak, add your bow, tweak with letter stickers.  

All that a little too feminine for your taste? How about this Snap-on one?

Happy Tweaking...

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