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Do It Yourself Coloring and Activity Books

Celebrate the Little Ones

As I began to write this post I realized I've making these booklets for at least 30 years.
So as you can imagine I have a plethora of options to share, but I think this is one tweak/creation that you will have to find the method that works for you.

I'll be 100% honest here I started making these because it's a very inexpensive way to create such a personal gift. Kids love them, and as time continued kids asked for them, not just my own.

So without adding too many confusing thoughts I'll try to help you narrow down how to get started. You'll need to think about what you have available to print from. Do you have a printer? What program or app do you typically print from? In today's world if you do not own a printer often your local library does, or your local copy center has easy upload instructions on their website and they will print very inexpensively as well.
The reason we're looking at this first it to establish your print size.

OPTION 1 Full Size: I have a printer, I print from the internet only.
Materials Needed: 7 pages regular printer paper, 2 color sheets of paper for the covers these could be construction paper, or whatever you have. Stapler. Glue. Scissors. 

That's great when I first started making these I used full 8.5X11 sheets of  (typing) paper they called it back then, lol. Easy peasy stuff here. In your google search bar type 'your theme' and then add 'coloring pages'. So for our first example we'll use Mickey Mouse.  When that screen pops up make sure you select images. 
Micky Mouse Coloring Pages Search

You literally have hundreds of coloring pictures to choose from. You want to select 7 to print. Each computer, or device is different so you will have to know yours. I typically left click within the picture and my options screen comes up then I can select print. Things to know sometimes these free printing pages have some advertising with them notice how many pages it says it's printing. Look at your preview and select only the page with the picture. You DO NOT need to download any other app or PDF options these screens are advertisements stay away from them.

Glue to Cover
Staple to Complete
Okay you've printed 7 full sheets of coloring pages. Select one to be the front cover, you'll trim this one slightly at the edges and glue in the center of your colored front cover. 

Insert your remaining coloring pages, place your back cover. Line up and staple. 

Option 2: I have a favorite desktop publishing app or program I print from. 1/4 sheet size.

Materials Needed: 2 sheets printer paper, 1 color sheet for covers, stapler, glue, scissors or paper cutter to cut.

 For this example we'll use Snoopy. Open your desktop publishing program. AND your Internet search, Type 'Snoopy Coloring Pages' in your search bar. This time when you find your picture right click 'copy' and then in your publishing program right click and 'paste'.

You are going to make four pages 4.25X5.5 for your booklet out of this one page. There are many ways to do this depending on your publishing program and your skill set with your program. In Microsoft Publisher I simply drag my ruler lines from the top and side to coordinate and make my 1/4 sheet squares.

Now keeping your picture in proper scale shrink it to fit within 1/4 of the page. Continue adding pictures until your page is full. 

Making a personal coloring book.

See on my second picture at the top I have empty space, this is where I make it personal.

Again a plethora of ways to accomplish this most importantly you want an outline for your font with blank or white fill.

Print your page, cut in quarters.

Repeat for a second page.

Cut your colored sheet into quarters. Use one for the back and one for the front. (Recycle extras or make a second booklet, smile)

I would select my picture with personalized words for the front of the booklet, but select your favorite. Trim it down slightly to place on the front and still show color from your cover.  Arrange your remaining coloring sheets on the inside add your back cover and staple.

These are great for birthday parties, car trip activities, weddings, personal baskets, the uses are endless. 

Shopkins Personalized Shopping Bag Coloring Booklet

Option 3: I have many programs and apps and I know how to use them!

This is a BONUS, for a little bit older kids just to make everything more fun. You can search 'free word search' to create your own word search. I created this one is less than 2 minutes. It simply walks you through each step when your page is created at the end just cut and paste as before and make it fit to your page size. Easy, Fun. Imagine at a wedding if every child had one of these to work on during the ceremony, and their name was in it. Fun, Fun, Fun! How about a 'crossword puzzle'? 

Happy Tweaking! Thanks for reading!

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