Hot Cocoa Snowman

Making Happy Souls...
Three small same sized canning jars. The top two are set bottom to bottom, then the third one is upright. We used glue dots on the very edge to hold them together.

The theme, a perfect cup of cocoa. So the top jar is filled with marshmallows, the center jar is enough cocoa to make one large cup of cocoa, and the bottom one is a few peppermint disks to add to the cocoa.
The hat, face and buttons are from the Silhouette store. The file is Snowman top hat with face by Silhouette. I resized the hat to fit the size of the top of our jars. Hat and nose I cut from cardstock. The rest I cut from vinyl. The nose I cut two of and glued them together leaving less than 1/4 inch which I folded out to mount to the jar.

The scarf is wired ribbon.
And as we were making these we discovered as they filled the counter with their jolly presence we too became happy souls!
Happy Holiday Tweaking

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  1. The jars are held together with glue dots from the scrapbooking section at Bi-mart.