Sunday, February 26, 2017

Make It A Basket

Make a few small items into gift basket

Do Small Things with Great Love

Spring is just around the corner, Easter decor has hit every retail shelf, and we find ourselves thinking and looking at gift baskets.

I love baskets, if you've been around me long, you probably already know. They are the perfect way to group a few things, or lots of little things, well just about everything, lol.
So let's take a quick look at a few baskets for inspiration.

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Making everything themed baskets

$10.00 Gift Basket

Not even kidding! This little kitchen basket was one of those strict budgets set by the group. The only stretch, we could add wrapping paper or gift bag.

No rules on re-purposing though, just needs to be 'new' as a gift.

Theme: Natural Kitchen/Cooking
Color: Natural/Neutral

A quick trip to our local Natural Grocers. I retrieved my olives and pure vanilla. Down $6.50ish. The key here was small bottles, and lucked on a sale. I've learned that the chocolate costs quite a bit more at this grocers, however my local gift shop carries same brand for half the price. Since I was headed there next I saved myself enough I could afford a couple pieces instead of just the one, lol. Ghirardelli down another $1.00.

Nearly at my spending limit by this time, (7.50) but I needed some height to the gift. With my years of basketing experience I knew wooden spoons could be a good add. Typically you can get them very inexpensive carefully shopping. ($1.99) How could I make them stand up? and I still have to put all this in something. Running Total $9.49

This is where the re-purpose comes in. Along with my vases I keep a few jars and bottles on hand they come in useful all the time. I shuffled around and discovered an old glass milk bottle (goes with the Natural and Kitchen theme, added my favorite kitchen saying. Yay, height, and this one was free. Rummaged through my stash of baskets, boxes, even looked at gift bags... Then I remembered these wonderful little crates I purchased in packages of 2 for .99 each. Whew .50 seriously amazing. $9.99

I must admit I fudged slightly by deciding the Flour sack towel was essential to line the crate. I do purchase these in larger lots and only pay about 2.00 each. So I justified by adding it to the 'wrapping' (wink, wink). A shrink wrap bag from the Dollar Tree and a few natural shreds I already had on hand. Total wrapping, $3.50.  Total gift basket with wrapping $13.49.

There are hundred of ways and reasons to create gift baskets. I wonder how creative you guys can be?
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